Gold Restaurant

Gold – is:

  • a chemical element with symbol Au and atomic number 79.
  • has become a symbol of soul, spiritual and spiritual values, of immortality and eternity. The color gold has a symbolic meaning and is associated with the splendor of the sun. Gold is considered the color of gods, emperors and kings.

Can you believe that GOLD Restaurant not only embodies everything that we already know and embody under the name of gold and offers much more than all that?

  • GOLD is an immersive, African experience!

GOLD Restaurant in Cape Town offers an authentic African experience. It’s so much more than just an African restaurant.

As soon as you enter the restaurant area, it transforms into an all-encompassing experience wil take you on an authentic African journey through their music, food and culture.

Let yourself be enchanted and enjoy a traditional African evening with culinary magic that serves all 5, no,12 senses.

Some voices from our guests who have experienced GOLD:

  • Now i’ve arrived in Africa!
  • Thank you for this experience.
  • The voices are unbelievable, and I had a lot of fun.
  • The food with many different dishes. dishes in Tappas style from the various countries was great.
  • It tasted very good.It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about something.
  • I laughed a lot, drummed, cheered along, marveled.
  • It was such a great evening.
  • The atmosphere was unbelievably beautiful and magnificent.
  • I was fascinated by how the dancers, singers and drummers were there with dedication and commitment to give the guests and spectators a nice, beautiful and unforgetable evening.
  • GOLD has the appropriate name